Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Olympic Games China, votes are in

Olympic Games China. On we asked what is your favorite discipline out of this small selection? You answered:

o Aquatics: 13%
o Athletics: 13%
o Badminton: 3%
o Basketball: 11%
o Boxing: 3%
o Cycling: 1%
o Equestrian: 8%
o Field Hockey: 7%
o Football: 6%
o Gymnastics: 19%
o Judo: 2%
o Rowing: 1%
o Table tennis: 3%
o Volleyball: 7%
o Weightlifting: 1%
o Wrestling: 1%

The fact that aquatics and athletics are appreciated is no eye-opener to me, the love for gymnastics came as a total surprise. Did not realize so many people enjoy it over other disciplines mentioned. I'll make sure to tune in in 2012 for that!


PS New poll on our site - you know the address: have a look!