Monday, March 31, 2008

China XING

Just wrote this welcome message for new members joining our China group on XING. Hoping it will grow as fast as our China Business group on LinkedIn does (over 2000 members and counting):

Welcome to our group on XING, an extension of and following our mission statement aiming to “help you get that extra leverage doing business in or with China, and prevent you from making mistakes that cost others, who found out the hard way, dearly.”

What you can do to help make the China Business Lounge Group a success: simply being a member and responding to fellow associates if they ask a question, is all it should take to benefit from the combined knowledge of the members. If you want to add more value please consider inviting friends, coworkers, employees, associates, relatives, family members, colleagues: anybody with a professional link to China to become a member as well. It is quite easy, forward this message, or simply email this link: /

Also, if you are on LinkedIn, you are welcome to join us here as well: It does not offer the functionality XING does, it is a lot more basic. But it might just help you find even more kindred spirits.

In the weeks to come, we will be building the China Business Lounge Group. Adding more tools for members and making sure it will prove to be of added value for you. Meantime: if you want to help out, have an idea, a question for other members, or hold any thoughts you'd like to share, do not hesitate! Just let me know, I'd be happy to help you out!


PS If you want to add me to your professional network on XING, please see

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chinese fortune

LinkedIn, Plaxo, Spock, Facebook... and then some. New addition? -> The fortune connection club. Look me up, let's stay connected!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How many times a year do you go to China?

As we are currently getting our website ready for advertisers, sponsors, affiliates and other partners, we started conducting some additional research on our demographics. The results of which I am happy to share here. First up we asked, How many times a year do you go to China? The results are:

I haven't been yet: 25%
1 - 2 times: 23%
3 - 5 times: 18%
6 - 9 times: 4%
10 times or more: 4%
I live in China: 27%

Next question to the 50% of our visitors that fly quite regularly to China, and the 25% that seems to be planning to do so in the future? Fly over to our China site to find out!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

From China with love

I have been rather quiet on this blog, because of some other time consuming hobbies. One of which being my China Business site The good news is that it has been worth the wait though, as I found something that you will love. If you love getting traffic to your site from Google that is, and if you love to get some traffic from the biggest Chinese Search Engine: Baidu.

The key to unlocking lots of love from Google and Baidu is called Taragana. It is a plugin for your (Wordpress) blog, that translates your pages into numerous other languages. What makes this plugin different from others is the fact that it caches translated pages for instant access, and for indexing by, yep you guessed it, Google and other search engines.

Within a couple of weeks this is what happens. If your site consists of say 1500 pages, in no time Google thinks it consists of well over 10.000. Have a look:,GGLJ:2006-29,GGLJ:nl&q=site:chinasuccessstories%2ecom

The number of inlinks increases similarly. Making Google believe your are bigger and better then you actually are. A essential tool in courtship in any relationship, right?

Also people from around the Globe – Brazil, Russia, Spain, France, Germany, Italy – start to find your site.

And to make things even better: Baidu is suddenly interested. Because Baidu predominantly feels like indexing Chinese sites, in your log files you will find a serious effort by their spider to find out what you are about.

The plugin isn’t free, but priced at 30$ it sure is a bargain for making the prettiest two websites in the world love you right back!