Monday, August 27, 2007 the China sequel

Digging Stumpleupon, I decided it is time to put some of my China time and effort into dot… 'oh-no-that-was-the-domain-extention-already', dot-nothing, just type then-nothing ;-). ok? Back to business! I look for users who a share the similar China interest as the target audience of and add them to my network ( Now I hope those China Business enthusiasts will do the same and add me to their network. This will help my China bookmarks get out there, helping many China oriented entrepreneurs out in the first place, while driving some quality traffic to my China Business site on the other hand. Just in case, I've added to this blog as a widget. And I installed as an app on Facebook ( Next? Give it thumbs up on Stumbleupon? Or – in an effort to remain on topic here – would that be lack of taste?


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Add URL to

In an effort to make sure our China Business site is listed on the one and only search engine that manages to dominate Google – that is, in South Korea – I just wasted half an hour looking for the submit website / add URL page on Naver. Translating the site via didn't help much. Nor did searching Google for "add url" / I've given up, I'll 'naver' manage to find it on my own. Anybody out there knows how to submit to Naver?


Thursday, August 16, 2007

China web 2.0?

Here's PART of a collection of sites and web 2.0 type of communities, blogs and other internet hubs that I use to get the word out on It is quite a (web 2.0) list, well worth visiting obviously. But does conquering the China Business community really need all this effort, or am I just being impatient? Let's see. You – now that is defining web 2.0 isn't it – be the judge:

More China Business promotional sites?

Many! I'll get back on you on communities like and sometime later. And on what commenting on blogs does to your ranking. Deal?

Meanwhile I'm making sure that if you can't remember you can find us on:

Among a lot of others.

But let's get back to web 2.0 shall we?

Here is where YOU fit it in. Again more (or less China) web 2.0 sites. Demanding YOUR (2.0!) attention:

Add a positive comment here:

Vote for us here:

Subscribe to our newsletter here:

Favorite us on Technorati here:

Digg us here:

Wiki away on us here:

Check our ranking here:

Recommend us here:

Whatever you do review us here:

Done yet?

Web 2.0 is starting to cost all of us too much time isn't it?



Tuesday, August 14, 2007 in China?

My new friend and much appreciated contributor to China Business Success Stories is Ted Lee. An ambitious, friendly, bright and 100% passionate young guy from Guangzhou, who wanted to bookmark us using only to find out, is not accessible in China – or at least from his part of China. Shame because I think these types of sites are getting more and more important for sites like Google to determine whether you are worth a proper ranking. China should reconsider in that respect as far as I'm concerned, would you agree?


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Business China, the new how-to China Guide with inside tips 'n tricks

As my China Business project ( is aiming to welcome as many US entrepreneurs as possible, I'm testing an ad for MSN livesearch through The keywords targeted are:

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United States and Canada

I wonder what max 10ct CPC and 10$ per day will do for us: I guess not a lot, because a similar campaign though Enhance will take a year to finish a 100$ deposit, because I refuse to pay more than 10ct a click.

The ad looks like this:

China Business Success Stories
Business China, the new how-to China Guide with inside tips 'n tricks.

Would you click on it?


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mianzi book China

Should I create a Facebook profile to help draw attention to or not? And if I do, do I put on my China hat, or shouldn't I.

Face facts?
‘Mianzi’ (面子) means ‘face’. And in Chinese culture Face is an important theme. Not to be taken lightly.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Big (huge) China profit plan?

Visited a Holland Casino today. Need I say more? It's genetic I think. The combination of Chinese genes and the impossible mathematics of gambling is a surefire win-win. No - as in zero - risk business. Good luck with this piece of advice!