Saturday, August 11, 2007

Business China, the new how-to China Guide with inside tips 'n tricks

As my China Business project ( is aiming to welcome as many US entrepreneurs as possible, I'm testing an ad for MSN livesearch through The keywords targeted are:

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United States and Canada

I wonder what max 10ct CPC and 10$ per day will do for us: I guess not a lot, because a similar campaign though Enhance will take a year to finish a 100$ deposit, because I refuse to pay more than 10ct a click.

The ad looks like this:

China Business Success Stories
Business China, the new how-to China Guide with inside tips 'n tricks.

Would you click on it?


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Asia Business Investor said...

From my experience in running a lot of the campaigns they can end up being quite expensive. I don't know how you would rate this one. Your content approach is the better idea.