Thursday, August 16, 2007

China web 2.0?

Here's PART of a collection of sites and web 2.0 type of communities, blogs and other internet hubs that I use to get the word out on It is quite a (web 2.0) list, well worth visiting obviously. But does conquering the China Business community really need all this effort, or am I just being impatient? Let's see. You – now that is defining web 2.0 isn't it – be the judge:

More China Business promotional sites?

Many! I'll get back on you on communities like and sometime later. And on what commenting on blogs does to your ranking. Deal?

Meanwhile I'm making sure that if you can't remember you can find us on:

Among a lot of others.

But let's get back to web 2.0 shall we?

Here is where YOU fit it in. Again more (or less China) web 2.0 sites. Demanding YOUR (2.0!) attention:

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Done yet?

Web 2.0 is starting to cost all of us too much time isn't it?




China Business Consultant said...

I forgot: a few others and my current wish list: (thx

China Business Consultant said...

How could I forget MySpace?