Monday, September 17, 2007

China Business SEO / SEM world speed record for Google?

This week China Business Success Stories achieved an important milestone in its effort to become one of the top China Business web sites out there. In what should qualify as an official world speed record, we accomplished one of our short term objectives: reaching the top ten spot in Google, searching for China Business. Big deal? Huge! It means we beat around 700 to 800 million others, leaving but a few to outperform us on this particular search. Forget top 1%. Forget being ranked in the first 1% of the first 1% searching for China Business. If I'm not mistaken, we are now in the first 1%, of the first 1%, of the first 1%, of the first 1%, and then some. Effectively leaving more than 99,999999% other China Business sites behind us!

World record?
Is it a world record? Well if anything, it goes to prove – make sure to discuss this with your online marketer – that within 8 months you can establish amazing results, if you are willing to spend the time and effort (in our case 1FTE of work at least). And it doesn't have to costs half a million dollars, if the web site:

  • is on topic with the desired keywords
  • actually has to offer benefits to its audience
  • is well designed as far as usability is concerned
  • content has more than one contributor and offers ways to respond
  • is accessible to / optimized for search engine spiders
  • gets noticed by some 2.0-type of web sites out there (as long as it is still 2007 when you read this)

China Business SEO / SEM stats
Depending on which country you are from (and in what language your OS (Operating System / Windows) is!), you can now find us on: the number Nr. 4 spot on the first Page in Google if you're looking for China Business related sites in Holland/ Dutch language. That is to say, on at least 3 days of the week. Google uses different databases and servers, so half the time you would need to look on the second page of Google's results. As far as I could gather, in the US we are on the third page, in India same thing, etc. Where exactly? Please tell me.

Look for China Business on any search engine of your choice, and let me know where we stand?

Make sure to click our 'organic result' as well, because that is one of many factors Google uses to determine whether our China Business world speed record was good judgment. I think it is. I hope you agree!

PS Any tips, suggestions or comments on how to improve our China Business ranking (or on any given keyword), are highly appreciated. For instance: what on earth do we have to do to get PageRank 7 – in world speed record time obviously – on Google? Is it a matter of waiting, or keep trying?

Monday, September 10, 2007

What’s your favorite China Business Topic?

That was the question we asked on Here are the results:

Chinese Law: 11%

Importing from China: 37%

Guanxi intricacies: 5%

Marketing in China: 15%

Banking & Finance China1: 7%

electronics1: 10%

chinese gadgets1: 2%

euopean law1: 2%

chinese gadgets1: 2%

import export1: 7%

petroleum1: 2%

Glassine paper1: 1%

Recruitment in China1: 1%

All answers marked with 1 are added by a guest, so as some were added later, they obviously don't weigh as much. The winners are therefore Marketing in China, Banking & Finance China, import export and Importing from China. Did we miss any China Business topics?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Crazy Chinese Business Analyses

As promised: I’d get back on Crazy Egg's analysis of our China Business site. And – call me crazy – I couldn’t wait and ran a test this weekend. The results of which I’m happy to share. What makes our China Business site click? Have a look!

My First conclusions (make sure to click for the large version of the jpg):
  • Most visitors click in the top 10 or 20% of your page if it is as long as ours is. So it is love at first sight, or you are out.
  • Big surprise to me was that almost nobody clicks on the pictures (they link just as well, but somehow most people prefer the text link). What is the expression? Mind over matter; function over form; something like that? Help me out here. Content is king? You tell me…

  • People absolutely love to click on poll radio-buttons (bet your statistics program never found that out for you until now, right?).
  • When provided for, visitors actually use the search function on your web site – also quite remarkable. I mean with Google toolbar in place to search for content directly on any site, I’d personally NEVER use that.

  • And finally, I’m not sure yet if visitors actually click on specific words in text-links or not. Most clicks are centered, but the ‘prominent’/’interesting’-topic words seem to outperform the others by a fraction.

Jump to a crazy – way to early to decide – conclusion? Why not. Don’t forget there are many more things to deduct from this data – not to mention what Crazy Egg’s confetti feature has to offer. But here’s what I think matters to potential advertisers:

Drum roll?
From this day on I’m convinced that advertisers (China Business related, or any for that matter) should demand a spot in the top section of your pages, and should be well happy to pay at least xx times more for that spot than the amount paid for advertisements on the bottom of pages.

Also: they should demand text based ads. As our site for instance draws many people looking for China Business, China market, China sourcing, China law, etc. make sure to get those words in in your copy, and you’ll be looking forward to a crazy response on your China advertising dollar!


Saturday, September 1, 2007

China crazy!

Two non Chinese words: crazy egg. Much oblige to Johan from (excellent Dutch AV review blog). Best thing to happen to my humble China SEM/SEO life in long time. Sounds kinda sorry. Don’t get me wrong though. It’s not because I am in such worse condition, it is just that is in that good shape.

I encourage you to try it. I do not endorse it in the sense that I get paid to do so (wish I was – I’d get rich overnight), let’s be clear on that. It is simply helping my China Business SEO effort in a major way. I’ll make sure to demonstrate how and why in the next post! So go ahead, try it – it is free to try – and if you don’t like it, you must definitively be crazy! Or, as says: ‘you must be crazy not to try this’. They are right!

Currently I’m running my fourth heat-map-test of my China Business Blog ( and never before – in my ten years of being an Internet stats addict – have I seen such useful feedback; Google Analytics eat your heart out. Whether you are into China, European, American, or global online marketing; I promise you, you are crazy if you do not love big time!