Monday, September 10, 2007

What’s your favorite China Business Topic?

That was the question we asked on Here are the results:

Chinese Law: 11%

Importing from China: 37%

Guanxi intricacies: 5%

Marketing in China: 15%

Banking & Finance China1: 7%

electronics1: 10%

chinese gadgets1: 2%

euopean law1: 2%

chinese gadgets1: 2%

import export1: 7%

petroleum1: 2%

Glassine paper1: 1%

Recruitment in China1: 1%

All answers marked with 1 are added by a guest, so as some were added later, they obviously don't weigh as much. The winners are therefore Marketing in China, Banking & Finance China, import export and Importing from China. Did we miss any China Business topics?

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