Monday, August 27, 2007 the China sequel

Digging Stumpleupon, I decided it is time to put some of my China time and effort into dot… 'oh-no-that-was-the-domain-extention-already', dot-nothing, just type then-nothing ;-). ok? Back to business! I look for users who a share the similar China interest as the target audience of and add them to my network ( Now I hope those China Business enthusiasts will do the same and add me to their network. This will help my China bookmarks get out there, helping many China oriented entrepreneurs out in the first place, while driving some quality traffic to my China Business site on the other hand. Just in case, I've added to this blog as a widget. And I installed as an app on Facebook ( Next? Give it thumbs up on Stumbleupon? Or – in an effort to remain on topic here – would that be lack of taste?


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