Monday, March 31, 2008

China XING

Just wrote this welcome message for new members joining our China group on XING. Hoping it will grow as fast as our China Business group on LinkedIn does (over 2000 members and counting):

Welcome to our group on XING, an extension of and following our mission statement aiming to “help you get that extra leverage doing business in or with China, and prevent you from making mistakes that cost others, who found out the hard way, dearly.”

What you can do to help make the China Business Lounge Group a success: simply being a member and responding to fellow associates if they ask a question, is all it should take to benefit from the combined knowledge of the members. If you want to add more value please consider inviting friends, coworkers, employees, associates, relatives, family members, colleagues: anybody with a professional link to China to become a member as well. It is quite easy, forward this message, or simply email this link: /

Also, if you are on LinkedIn, you are welcome to join us here as well: It does not offer the functionality XING does, it is a lot more basic. But it might just help you find even more kindred spirits.

In the weeks to come, we will be building the China Business Lounge Group. Adding more tools for members and making sure it will prove to be of added value for you. Meantime: if you want to help out, have an idea, a question for other members, or hold any thoughts you'd like to share, do not hesitate! Just let me know, I'd be happy to help you out!


PS If you want to add me to your professional network on XING, please see

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