Wednesday, April 30, 2008

China Business Success Stories’ PageRank by Google

We did it! Just as I was about to stop focusing on PageRank as a means of determining just how much Google loves us, went from 4 to 5. I wrote about it a few times here. Wondering what the changes in Google’s algorithm were that kept us on 4, while it should have turned 5 a while ago. Thinking old school.

What changed? We kept publishing a lot. We kept building back links. We stayed true to our focus of providing decent content. We added some pages. But apart from that? Not sure what it was exactly. My guess is a combination of things. Plus some governments sites linking to us. Come to think of it. That is what probably did it! Combined with Yahoo beating Google at their game and Google learning from them? changing their completely weird algorithm with Google following? Technorati giving us more authority? LinkedIn driving quite some traffic to us? What makes Google tick? You tell me.


PS I suspect Google of looking at the traffic we get without their help, to determine our worth. At least that is what I would take into account if I was Google.

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