Saturday, October 6, 2007

Facebook’s China traffic killer app?

Imagine having 50 China friends on Facebook (which is not a lot), imagine 10 of them installed the Blog Friends app (which is not a lot) and 10 of their China interested friends did the same thing (trying to make this a simple explanation). Every time you publish a new post to your (China Business or else) blog, a hundred profile-pages (10x10) are updated with your feed! Broadcasting to an audience of like-minded people has never, ever, been easier as far as I'm concerned. Try it! Look me up: my name on Facebook is Michael de Beer, you will recognize me easily by the China-red Puma/Tuna avatar. -> Whatever you do, do not hesitate to add me as a blog friend. Doing so, your blog will show up on my pages, viewed by many, and my China Business Blog, will show up on yours to return the favor. Forget link exchanging. This will have a way bigger effect in the long run, driving much more high quality traffic to your China site.


JofArnold said...

We're really pleased you like our Blog Friends application. It's a great way of getting your posts discovered by new people... and of course it's a great way of discovering new posts!
A new version of the application is now in testing; expect to see some exciting new features added over the coming days. As a "thank you" for your kind post, you are welcome to join our testing team; feel free to email me on facebook.

Jof Arnold

Anonymous said...

Dear M.

I like your blog very much, I read it frequently! But there is something that I was wondering about. In the title of this post you say Facebook's China traffic killer app., but isn't it better to say Facebook's China killer traffic app.? Just a suggestion and I'm not even a 100% sure, but I wanted to share my thoughts with you.
Keep up the good work, also with your other China site!