Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Top fifty China Business articles

As we are upgrading our China Business website, I'm making an inventory on articles published in recent months. It is a great joy to see what headlines we have covered so far. Here's my top fifty China Business articles we have run (thanks to many true China Experts, who's web sites you should visit if you are looking to make the most of your business in China).

The list of articles is huge. And best of all: all of them are free to access and read. So take your pick, and if you quickly want to find one particular one, use the search-function on the top right-hand side of!

Enjoy, M

Intellectual Property in Franchising Relationships - the view from China and Hong Kong

Credit Cards and Debit Cards in Nanning China

Doing Business in China

Opportunity Knocks in China

How could SMEs get business in China? Winning big brands by product fit

Strategic Management in China: How To Be Fast And Focused

How to order a quality inspection

Assess Your Risk, Plan, and THEN Outsource to China

Effective sourcing in China requires Western companies to change

Hao Bizarre, How Bazaar

18 Practical Tips on Working with a Chinese Partner

China's Mandatory Welfare and Insurance Payment System

How to Close Down a Representative Office in Shanghai

Chinese Business & Culture

The communication skills of Sun Tzu

Guanxi at the Dinner Table

Investing China: Risks, opportunities, incentives

Tips for doing business in China

Working with Chinese factories

Common staffing mistakes in China, and how to avoid them

Chinese Lawyers: The New Generation

China Business Resources

Five ways to tarnish your company's image in China

Sun Tzu the Art of War Strategy - Is this the forbidden knowledge of success

IP Protection - Best Practice Tips

Understanding China

Humor in Sino-Western business relations

Are China Expats De-Facto Colonialists?

A (Consumer) Storm in a (Foreign) Coffee Cup

The Nature of China's Business Press

How to manage your Operation management department in China

Misfortune in Chinese Business Start-up

Innovation: China story a problem

Building a Business in China

Mentality, Mindset, Mianzi – How to Avoid a Crisis

How do you keep your Intellectual Property secret when it's your sales pitch?

Selling in the world's largest consumer market

7 Reasons Why You Should Come to China!

Scientific study on Guanxi in Business

The Internet Marketing Situation In China

Licensing Your Trademark in China: One More Thing to Remember

Due Diligence in China: Revealing the Dark Side of the Moon

Business and travel Etiquette in China

How to work with interpreters

The Many Faces of China

Pirates of the Middle Kingdom

What is wrong with Chinese TV?

Man Man Chi

Building rapport and negotiations with Chinese, or "No Relationship…No Business!"

Open Your Mind, Change Your Paradigm

Face, it is all about respect

China Business Practice and Business Etiquette Tips

Surviving Dinner & the Drinks

Business cards: your Chinese identity!

China's Five Surprises

Finding Manufacturers in China: Building a Network the Wrong Way

Doing business in China Chinese Social and Business Culture

Understanding Chinese Employees

Five Unpleasant Truths of Doing Business in China

Summary of Registration for Foreign-Invested Enterprises in China

"No commerce, no evil" is no more: how China's ethical standards affect your business

Import from China: Getting Started

Doing Business in China: Opportunities and Challenges for European Companies

Impressive list, right?
Imagine: we have only just started. So if you are in any way looking to get that extra leverage doing business in or with China. Or if you want to prevent yourself from making mistakes that cost others, who found out the hard way, many millions; then you should visit immediately (and make sure to subscribe to the – also free – newsletter).

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