Saturday, November 3, 2007

China Business Plans

Just as my China Business Plans for Google PageRank 5 were picking up speed, Google decided to flip the book on me… Why? Not sure. We kept PR4 which isn’t bad – 4 is the new 5 (I comfort myself ;-) Question remaining: what will it take to move up the China ranking ladder from now on. First let’s analyze what we have going for us now. After that I will unveil my China Business Plans for higher ranking (and please let me know if you have any suggestions whatsoever!):

We offer great China Business how-to content on The new site will make it easier to browse through all the articles. As we are currently redesigning over a thousand pages, we must be careful Google doesn’t get lost in the process as it has already indexed most of our content:,GGLJ:2006-29,GGLJ:nl&q=site:chinasuccessstories%2ecom

We secured a great amount of back links. Over 10.000 (!) according to Yahoo!: Most Pagerank predictors out there analyzed us, and were absolutely sure we deserved PR5 – or higher - based on this huge amount.

We are found in many communities. Our China Business LinkedIn group is growing at an amazing rate (over 250 members now). Assuming you've subscribed to our newsletter on doing business in China on already, visit for details. We are active on XING as well. Yahoo groups. Google groups. Joined recently which is really nice. The list goes on.

As far as social bookmarking is concerned, more and more people started bookmarking us (over 20 fans on today People faving us on Technorati Liking us on StumbleUpon Discovering us on So no complaints here, though we could use so more credit: add us to your favorite social bookmarking site anytime!

… the list goed on. Luckily wasn’t the only site that didn’t get upgraded, almost nobody moved up. Many even dropped in ranking, we didn't. But since we are not just any site (at least I think), what can be holding back our China Business Plans PR-wise? It is we suffered some downtime when moving to another hosting provider? Could it be the –very modest – use of Adwords, Enhance and Yahoo marketing pay-per-click-advertising-programs to make ourselves visible? The fact that we do no longer have the Alexa-toolbar on our own browser because the spywarekiller killed it, and Google noticed we dropped a few points there as a result? Beats me. I plan to achieve PR5 regardless of whatever it is asap. So I you have any suggestions or plans, please let me know, I will return the favor!

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