Saturday, January 12, 2008

Social networking for China Success Stories

Thanks to my activity on LinkedIn, I keep getting introduced for Spock and Plaxo. So I decided to give them both a go. From now on you can meet me here as well: (check out my 'Spock Power')

On Plaxo I don't know if I have a unique URL yet. But you will find me through the China Business group I started on:

What I like about Plaxo is the fact that it is easy to import feeds from other platforms. But I do not completely trust them (yet?). What I like about Spock is the simplicity. In both cases, I doubt if they will mean more to my business then LinkedIn has so far.

If you want to connect without using Spock or Plaxo, you can still find me here:

Hope to meet up with you anytime soon!


PS Almost forgot, I'm here as well:

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