Friday, July 27, 2007

China Business according to Live search

Microsoft live search, a gift to SEM? It might. Not because it even comes a tiny bit close to Google, but its suggested / related searches provide great insight into what other people are looking for. See, I want to perform on the - actually spot on - keyword combination “china business”. So I make sure the Web site contains those words as often as is relevant, and pray for the best. In comes Live Search. If I search for China Business, Live Search tells me what others are looking for (or so I think). It suggests:

· China Business Directory
· Doing Business In China
· China Business Wholesale
· China Business Inflatables
· Understand China Business Culture
· China Legal Business · Business Leaders To China
· Business Etiquette In China

So? Well if anything it gives me focus on what topics (see previous post also) to focus on if I want to be found on China + Business. Worth figuring out if Microsoft is right on this, isn’t it?

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