Saturday, July 21, 2007

China Business?

Just starting this China Business supporting blog it seems quite silly to ask the visitors (10 a day ;-) what to do. With that being said, why not go out on a limb. Here's the question. Remember: I am the one who changed Twitter overnight (see previous post, with, and the same guy that develops lighting speed according to Alexa with You know: that modest dude.

Question is: should I put my time, effort and money into making this world a better place, before or after making some (pocket change) money? Think Bill Gates on this one. If I want to help improve the lives of many, Chinese, African, Brazilian, should I sacrifice all I have right now – which is about 0,001% of what Bill has – or should I push forward doing what I love doing (fishing, doing business & thinking of China) to make sure I actually have something to spend by the time payback is due. You decide. If you happen to be Chinese your vote counts double. Let me know!


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