Monday, July 16, 2007

China Newsletter

On my site ( in case you missed it), I feature a newsletter. Perfect for China entrepreneurs, consultants focusing on China, managers of multinationals, international traders, non-profit organizations and educational institutions: basically anybody who is serious about his China related business. But… what is the best time to receive our newsletter? Don't ask me. I recently asked our visitors though. The results so far? Check it out:

When would you like to receive our China weekly newsletter?

During the weekend: 25%
On weekdays: 22%
Does not matter when: 41%
Thursday h20:321: 7%
Monday mornings: 5%

So you be the judge: what should I do?

Feel free to let me know. Especially if you are a China crazy entrepreneur!


PS Want to know the outcome? Subscibe to our weekly newsletter on

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